Alpha Model United Nations

Connecting the US and China through Model UN

Alpha Model United Nations (AMUN) is the world's first Model UN conference exclusively designed for Chinese and American high school delegations. Founded in the wake of COVID-19, we believe it‘s more important now than ever to build bridges not walls between students from our two countries.

In partnership with the world's oldest and most prestigious Model UN conferences, AMUN hosts committees chaired by experienced American and Chinese college students. With regular sessions and innovative online procedures, AMUN allows delegates from both countries to debate and find solutions to the world's most pressing issues without leaving their homes.


Adapted from the world's best conferences

We host past committees from the oldest and most prestigious conferences in the world. For more information on specific committees and chairs, please refer to individual session details.

HMUN Harvard University
YMUN Yale University
NAIMUN Georgetown University
MUNUC University of Chicago
PMUNC Princeton University

Model UN veterans selected from top colleges

Alpha MUN chairs are selected from our partner conferences based on their impressive Model UN credentials and proven experience running their chosen committee at previous conferences.

Andrew Kim Harvard University (2022)
Kendrick Foster Harvard University (2022)
Roshni Chakraborty Harvard University (2022)
Ananya Karanam University of Chicago (2022)
American Delegates

Selected from schools across the United States

Our Alpha Exchange team coordinates China exchange and travel programs programs for almost 50 schools across the United States. These schools all have competitive MUN teams and have always asked us for opportunities to connect with Chinese MUN teams. They asked, we listened, and now their students are exchanging with China through Model UN without leaving their homes.

Chinese Delegates

Selected from the top MUN teams in China

Our founders were instrumental in introducing Model United Nations into Chinese high schools over 10 years ago and have deep connections with MUN clubs at well over 100 of the top schools in China. These clubs compete in many local, regional, national and even international conferences each year, but Alpha MUN is their first time competing with an equal number of American peers in the same committees.

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Leveraging the best of American and Chinese technology

In the spirit of bridging the US and China through Model UN, the virtual conference experience at Alpha MUN is enabled by both American and Chinese technology. Committees and conference events are hosted on Zoom, with adapted procedures for moderated debate, unmoderated caucuses and voting. Outside committee, delegates use WeChat Work to communicate and collaborate on working papers and draft resolutions.

Conference Platforms
General Rules
Rules Governing Debate
Rules Governing Speeches

Rules Governing Substantive Matters
Rules Governing Voting

Precedence of Motions

Registration Guidelines

There are many sessions of Alpha MUN planned throughout the year and registration is managed on a rolling basis until committees reach capacity (30-50 delegates depending on committee).

Conference Dates & Schedule
Conference Fees & Registration
Conference Eligibility

AMUN III Committees (Feb 19-21, 2021)

United Nations Security Council
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
Conference of Parties 2021

Hear what past delegations have to say about their Alpha MUN experience