Judge the 2020-2021 China Conrad Challenge

The China Conrad Challenge is an excellent opportunity for industry, government, research and academia to help support the youth of today and take an active role in shaping our future workforce. Each year, we seek out individuals to serve as online judges during the Business Plan round of the China Conrad Challenge.


Educational Advancement

Equip students with the knowledge, confidence, social skills and tools they need to effectively lead change and improve our world.

Global Problem-Solving

Inspire students from across the globe to think bigger. The Conrad Challenge creates out-of-the-box solutions about what is possible in our communities and on our planet.

STEM Workforce Development & Recruitment Pipeline

In complex dynamic industries, it is an important responsibility to foster the future leaders in the workforce. The Conrad Challenge serves as a recruitment pipeline for companies seeking bright young professionals that are eager to pursue internships and entry-level positions.

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• Review, score and provide feedback on 3-5 business plans from student teams from around the globe

• The Business Plan judging occurs entirely online through our new user friendly platform that allows you to review and save work along the way!

• Follow the judges' rubric and expectations and provide thoughtful, constructive and age-appropriate feedback for each submitted project

• Complete submission review and comments prior to the judging deadline

• Agree to confidentiality terms that protect students’ intellectual property

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If you are interested in serving as a judge for the 2020-2021 China Conrad Challenge, please complete and submit the form below. If you have any additional questions, please email us

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